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Default Re: (regarding LA trade)Garnett will not agree to any trade unless Pierce is traded first

Originally Posted by okayabc123
If I was Mitch, I make the deal of Dwight/Artest/Blake for Garnett and Pierce. Garnett and Pierce at max has about the same years left as Kobe. Kobe can be even more of a facilitator with Pierce being able to carry the load himself on offense. And you get Pau to play center which I think people believe that is his natural position.


I am not sure you lose that much defensively, because Garnett can still be a force on D down low. And fact is, there aren't that many great teams with good post players anyway, aside from Duncan.

As for Howard, this trade makes sense, he can be the superstar that he wants. And if he wants to play with a pass-first all star guard, Rondo can do that better than anyone in this league. (But he will have to wait till next year) And if Dwight don't want to resign, even with a bad back, teams will still pay max for him anyway. He is what, only 26-27?

And for Boston, you get DH which will create fan base if Celtics can resign him to a long term contract. Next year if Boston has a healthy Rondo and DH with another star wing player can be the next Big 3 for at least 3 years.

On what planet are the celtics and lakers trading partners?
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