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Default Re: Erik Spoelstra's All star starter: Bosh or Irving?

BTW, this idea that ever single GM would take Irving is stupid. There was a poll 10 years ago, where the GM's ranked the top 25 players in the NBA. Dirk and McGrady (that year) were not on every single GM's list of 25. But screw both of them.

Allen Iverson hadn't missed the playoffs since his second season. He had led the league in scoring the previous two seasons and the previous 3 of 4. He was having what was his 2nd best season ever at that point (the best, according to Larry Brown), his team was in the playoffs, he'd won an MVP, taken his team to the best record in the East and went to the Finals...and with all that, in the middle of that year, there was at least one GM that believed there were at least TWENTY-FIVE better players than Iverson in the NBA.

I don't care if they hated him. This wasn't an MVP vote. This was a list of TWENTY-FIVE players. If any GM is willing to vote like that, regardless of all his bias, you can rest assured that there is no absolute. That's just the fact. Holiday has been in the playoffs the last two years, led his team to a Game 7, and is having at least a comparable season this very year. So, while I would never do that, it's stupid to be so sure that every single GM would go that route.
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