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Default Re: Erik Spoelstra's All star starter: Bosh or Irving?

Originally Posted by Dave3 one post you said "Holiday is easily better than both" and in the other (and currently) you're saying Irving is better than Holiday....that's a direct contradiction. It's not lacking comprehension if everyone in this thread understood your posts in the same way.

Then that means every single person is an idiot. If there was any misunderstanding, I've already explained what I think. I'm not taking Holiday over Irving. I could even rank Irving higher, on the basis that he's done more so far. But I'm not stupid. And it's funny, because I like Holiday but I'm a bigger fan of Irving's and the prevailing idea here is much the opposite.

And the post that I'm responding to...did you actually read it?

"He's absolutely had the best season of the 3." and "I said Irving is having the better season."

That's what he quoted. Show me the contradiction.
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