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Default Re: GDT: OKC at Dallas

Originally Posted by It's A VC3!!!
Mark Cuban has to rebuild starting tonight. Dirk will never be the leader or talented player he once was and the Mavericks are sinking in a hole towards lottery territory. The Mavericks are certainly not making the playoffs. Mayo was sensational at the start of this season but he is too reckless with the ball and Mark will definitely not give him a long term deal. If this is how Mayo plays during a contract year, imagine how much he will slack off when given a four year deal. I just want Carter to go to a contender but since I appreciate the Mavericks I advise breaking everything up and getting a top pick plus assets for Dirk, Marion and Carter.

Dirk is past his prime. His 2011 playoffs is his best and final run for an NBA title. The Mavericks will never win another NBA title unless they draft a super rookie in a few years, or if Durant and Irvin sign with them when they become a free agents.
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