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Default Re: Truth: LeBron James is already the greatest SF in NBA history

I moved him past Dr. J already, but Bird is still a bit higher. I definitely think LeBron surpasses him. Unless he has major injury trouble, LeBron might only be at the half way point of his career. With his physical gifts and modern medicine, LeBron might very well play 18-20 years.

I've said it a bunch of times... LeBron is probably going to finish his career with more points, assists and rebounds than any player in NBA history. Others will have higher totals in one category or another, but I really see LeBron having higher totals in all three than any other player ever.

Say he ends up with 30,000 points, 8,000 assists and 8,000 rebounds... No one has ever done that. If LeBron gets there with 3 or so rings and 3 or so MVPs, we're talking about top 5 all-time and yes, better than Bird.
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