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Default Re: Truth: LeBron James is already the greatest SF in NBA history

Originally Posted by gin17
i wonder if magic and bird were doing their thing in today's league, would people still be this ignorant. i'm not saying anyone is the clearcut better of the two, but the way the OP says his opinion is so...ignorant.
Please... the underrating of LeBron simply has to end. I'm sick of gees ranking guys like Magic and Bird over him. What are they better than him at? Jack sh-t.

Jordan I can live with cus he was a two way beast and too clutch. No weaknesses and dominant at every phase of the game, just like LeBron.

But get this Magic/Bird/Kareem sh-t out of here. Magic couldn't guard a chair. LeBron would post his ass silly or just blow right by him like a bullet. Same with Bird. These guys got NOTHING on LeBron except total numbers of years played.

Someone tell me something LeBron ISN'T elite at besides overrated FT shooting?
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