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Default Re: Contrived, Preconceived Stat Padding (Kobe v.s. LeBron)

Don't forget the 5 turnovers, he didn't even get an assist/turnover ratio of 2, that's not usual Lebron. The fact he gave up some open looks and forced passes is supported by the data at hand.

Though I don't get why it's an issue, this was a pointless regular season game vs the Bobcats, Lebron was just toying with them. In the playoffs he won't care about FG% and will make the best decision every time.

This was a lot more fun than OKC blowing a team out then sitting Durant/Westbrook in the 4th and hurting their stats. When everyone uses those numbers to criticise players, it's no wonder Lebron is stuffing that shit so no one can nitpick anything about his game. People forget these players are even better than their stats suggest.
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