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Default Re: Wolves vs Blazers

Originally Posted by B-Easy8
Props to the Blazers.

LA is a beast, Lillard looks real good and Wes is one of the best role players in the game. You guys just need some bench players to be a real playoff team.

Great games by Rubio and Cunningham, solid effort by Barea but no one else did much of anything. Time to tank in my opinion. With all these injuries we aren't going anywhere. May as well get a good pick out of it.

I don't give my team any props for tonight. That was terrible. I think the Wolves deserved that W, but I'm happy the Blazers got it.

I am pretty happy with my team. I'm glad Rubio's good game came against the Blazers. I love watching him play, and there is a good chance I wouldn't have watched if it were versus some other fringe playoff team.
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