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Default Re: GDT: Detroit Pistons (18-30) AT New York Knicks (30-15), 7:30 PM EST

Originally Posted by boozehound
yeah, I really like JJ as well. As he gets back into rhythm from his extended benching, he will really contribute in all the little ways.

Also, WTF is wrong with L frank. we are getting killed on the boards by tyson and drummond only plays 8 minutes? I dont care if hes trying to send a message, this guy is an asshat. Hated the hire and hes dont nothing but show me I was right.

I still dont believe Drummond is 19. First of all he looks like he's in his mid 30s. And secondly, he has scary potential. Huge frame, physical specimen, its been said many times already but its true...he could be the next dominant center.
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