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Default Re: Lebron put together a basketball masterpiece tonight

Originally Posted by Kingwillball
One Thing I notice he is getting to The rim at will this year it seems when it looked like those days might have been over past couple seasons. He doesn't have the Pure Speed and First step like he once had but he is Setting Defenders up better with the Dribble and hesitations and change of speed better than ever. I remember that argument by Indian Guy and others when Lebron seemed like He was having trouble going by bigs even. Anyone else have any insight on this other than he may have been worn down(dead legs) injured, or overweight ?
We all speculated that ... Me (Samurai Swoosh) and Indian Guy were the ones who really first noticed it.

He was terrible in 2011 with his agility, quickness, lateral movement, and first step.

He was bad for most of last year too, but seemed to pick it up around that game in Utah where he passed on the game winning shot to Haslem, after nailing two consecutive big shots.

He got better and better with it as the year went along, and now it seems he's at least regained some of that off the dribble explosion of his game pre 2011.
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