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Default Re: Paul George or Loul Deng

Originally Posted by Dro
No, I understand all of this...I don't understand why you seem to hate "him" so much. You show a lot of anger in your posts towards him...I could see if he was a bad teammate or a lazy player or something. Im just saying, I agree with your assessment but without all the anger...If you're not angry, then my bad...
I am just pissed lot of Bulls fans ignore his bad games (which is every 2nd/3rd game) and act like he is some unreplacable part of the team that can't be traded. Dude disappears often and puts up mediocre production, problem is he gets superstar money.

It's like what I used to hear about Perkins, "He is a great defender! Good locker room guy!" But at least OKC fans realized he is an overrated black hole. Deng isn't as bad, but his contract to production ratio is still pretty bad. And his defense is pretty much useless against stars in the playoffs, he doesn't know how to bother them or be physical. He lets them get in a rhythm.
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