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Default Re: Paul George or Loul Deng

Originally Posted by Graviton
He is getting max money to be a role player, THAT'S THE POINT.

If he is "doing best he can" by shooting 30% from outside the paint, providing mediocre production for the minutes played while getting superstar money, then wtf is the point? We can get other players that can provide more than "doing his best". If his role doesn't include actually scoring when his team needs it most, wtf is he there for? His "defense" that won't actually stop any star or change the dynamic of the game?
No, I understand all of this...I don't understand why you seem to hate "him" so much. You show a lot of anger in your posts towards him...I could see if he was a bad teammate or a lazy player or something. Im just saying, I agree with your assessment but without all the anger...If you're not angry, then my bad...
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