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Default The Pistons backcourt is a mess.

Not in the sense that they don't have any talent... they just don't have the right mix of talent.


Calderon is the best pure PG, but he's older and an expirer. Do you really want to hand him the keys to the team?

Knight is the supposed future, but I don't think he's a very good pure point, and I see his future as being a 6th man type guard.

Bynum is a better scorer than Knight, without a doubt. I think he acutally plays well off the bench too.

Stuckey is another tweener guard, who should probably be coming off the bench for a legit team... but seems to struggle paying the bench role.

So what do the Pistons do? Start Calderon at PG even though he's probably gone in half a season? Move your supposed future PG to SG to accommodate that move? Bring Bynum or Stuckey off the bench first?

Realistically one of these guys needs to get traded. I feel like Bynum could be a real contributer to a playoff team with his aggressive scoring off the bench.
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