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Default Re: (regarding LA trade)Garnett will not agree to any trade unless Pierce is traded first

Originally Posted by Real Men Wear Green
Players don't negotiate no-trade clauses for fun. KG wants to be here. Ainge can't even engage other teams in talks for fear of pissing him off. Garnett has all the power.

Pierce and KG for Howard makes some sense for all parties involved: Pierce and KG get to play for a team that on paper looks great, Howard gets to be the featured star if that's what he wants (at this point, who knows what he wants?) and long-term gets to play with a point guard that will feed him all day. Celtics at best have two All-Stars for another 5 years and at worst clear a lot of cap space to rebuild. Lastly LA has a two year window to win a ring (of course that should be the case right now if Howard stays). Only worry is how Pierce handles being a second or third scoring option, and he's a mature guy that probably could deal with it fine.

But no one can convince me that KG is sure to waive his clause. Pierce has no clause and would just have to accept it or retire. Otherwise he could also be a problem. Because those guys pretty much bleed Green, have since they got those rings. And they take the Laker rivalry seriously. Unlike Ray Allenwho for whatever reasons had no issue signing with an enemy they arenm't ring chasers. If they wanted to be Lakers they could have left as FAs and been Lakers. But they wanted and want to be Celtics. So don't expect this deal to happen unless the Cs start doing some serious losing.

And even then I doubt LA deals Howard without getting some young talent.

Ummm, Garnett sooooo is a ring chaser, his going to Boston was a ring chaser move in the first place
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