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Default Re: Skeleton Clippers @ Wizards 7:00 pm EST

Originally Posted by SevereUpInHere
Dude, we've had multiple games this season with 3 starters out, Amare, Shumpert, Felton and even Melo have all missed games this year.

Ironically enough there is nothing "ironic" about that statement.

Amare= trash... Shumpert= role player, Felton= solid starter, not an all star.

CP3+Blake mean more to the Clippers and produce more than the combination of Shumpert, Amare and Felton. Not to mention more than raw production... these are the leaders of our team, can't say the same for your players. I understand the Knicks have been short, so have the Clippers with guys like Hill, Odom, Billups out for a month or more a piece. Try going two weeks without Melo though.
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