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Default Re: What do you guys think of Bill Simmons?

I like Bill Simmons as a writer. I suppose I do not mind him as an analyst, but I certainly prefer him as a writer. A written persona often varies greatly from a real life persona, so it can kind of be a bummer for the consumer to discover both of those aspects of any given writer. It sometimes seems more magical to never know what a writer's like in real life, even if they're perfectly normal and cool.

I had the same issue with Rick Reilly. I liked his back page articles in Sports Illustrated. Now he's just some guy spewing off weird words with a microphone.

Originally Posted by DMV2
NBA on ESPN is just terrible chemistry. Whenever Jalen, Magic, Wilbon(he's only good w/ Tony K), Simmons are on TV, I feel like I'm watching public access TV or something cuz of how bad the quality and chemistry are.
I don't even know if it's bad chemistry. It seems more like a misappropriation of roles and it all starts with Jalen Rose. On the rare occasions I see an introduction to an ESPN/ABC half-time report, hearing Rose lead the way always makes me think he's an emergency fill-in for the real host, who is to return shortly.

I just can't buy Rose as that guy. I think he could analyze, but he's missing something in terms of cultivating discussion amongst his peers, which is exactly what a host's strong point is supposed to be (i.e. Ernie Johnson).

Originally Posted by SpecialQue
It's been very hard to take him seriously lately with his constantly waffling on Lebron.
I'm not familiar with all the specifics of his LeBron points but from what you said, it sort of just seems like he's been articulating what a lot of us have been feeling in the past few years. With the leading of a medium team to the cusp of greatness (Cleveland), to attempting to create a super stack in his favor so he could "win" and earn the glory he so desired, to he and his team failing to succeed in year one of the "it's going to be easy" era, to his ultimate victory in 2012, there's been a lot of things to throw around and weigh as an NBA fan or analyst.

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