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Default Re: What do you guys think of Bill Simmons?

It's been very hard to take him seriously lately with his constantly waffling on Lebron. At first he had potential to be one of the greats. Then he signed with Miami and he wrote an article about how he could never, ever be compared to Jordan. Then Lebron wins and now Simmons is saying that he has potential to be even better than Jordan. I understand that people are free to change their minds about the topic at hand, but that jumping back and forth was just fvcking ridiculous.

There is also a dramatic sinking in quality the further away you get from print. His podcast is average, he was awful that one time he was calling a game, his appearances on stuff like those 30 for 30 docs in annoying, and he is absolutely insufferable as a TV analyst.

So overall, a pretty good writer, meh when you hear him speak, terrible when you have to see his face.
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