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Default Re: Keith Smart has to be fired!!!

Up until the last month or so I have liked Smart as the coach for this team. He has lost everyone fast. The buddy, buddy approach only lasts for so long. I do think he wasn't given a choice though. He goes hardcore and suspends Cousins and they tell him to un-suspend him so he lost all credibility and power right there. His rotations are beyond bizarre. There is almost no consistency with them. The only consistency that I have found is that Travis Outlaw only come in when they are losing in the 3rd quarter. They won't make a change this year unfortunately with everything going on. Petrie is done after this year we already know that.

The BB IQ on this team is the lowest I have ever seen. Tyreke and DMC just aren't very smart players, so your two questionable stars don't have a brain between them. Not sure why Coach Smart doesn't like Jimmer but he's the only one that has done something and hasn't gotten significant minutes on this team. Thorton has given up too. Not sure how many REALLY bad passes per game this team makes (maybe 10) but it really changes your view when you then go to watch a good team.
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