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Default Re: Videos 6 and 7 of my planned 20 on forgotten teams. __enver nuggets and 80s Mavs.

I respect Harpers game but ill forward you to an argument I had 4 years ago....


And sure Harper had a role thats hard to say for sure was less important than the teams two all stars but thats just basketball. One thing is for sure....Harper had little case to be listed as the best player on any team that ever did anything. The only years of his career where he was arguably the best his teams won 28, 22, and 11 games. Yes...11. The only season he was without question the best player on a team(Blackman was gone)...his team went 11 and 71.

People like to mention winning role players and compare them to less winning superstars but it just doesnt work here. Not only did Harper not win anything AI didnt when he was a supporting player...when he was the best player he had the second worst record in NBA history. And the next year? They went 2 and 27 before he was traded to the Knicks. And added to that he shot 42 and 38% those two years. Maybe being efficient was more a product of others than his own ability or approach to the game.

Whatever anyone thinks of AI its hard to do the usual "___ would win more than you could with Iverson" when he in fact went nowhere and won nothing AI didnt and led the worst teams since the ABA merger when he didnt have better players than him on the team.

Im all for propping up somewhat obscure oldschool players who dont get the respect they deserve....but AI is a first ballot hall of famer. A living legend. 4 time scoring champ behind only Wilt and Jordan per game, MVP, and several time steals leader who is all over the record books and led a team to the finals. If hes gotta be compared to a guard who was never even an all star and put behind him as a pick to least have the other guy be someone who actually won something and didnt lead the worst teams ever while shooting worse than AI in the brief time he was in AIs position. Derek Harper was a very very slight notch up from Kenny Smith.

Terrell Brandon, Fat Lever, and Alvin Robertson types justify this question more.

Him vs AI stained him for all time to me.
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