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Default Re: Paul George or Loul Deng

Originally Posted by Go Getter
1. I am home ya big dumb bitch.
2. I never said the Bulls couldn't beat the Heat, I have stated that I feel we need more scoring than we have now to make me confident that we are the better team. I don't WANT the Heat to be better but as it stands they are. It's called being logical, being the master of my emotions little boy, maybe one day you'll evolve into a man and understand.
3. What the **** is a "poor opinion?". My opinion is based on sound logic.

a. The Heat are defending Champs
b. The health of D Rose is still in question
c. We have not beaten the Heat in a playoff series WITH a healthy D. Rose.

Whenever I have trouble putting aside my bias to predict game outcomes I think to myself, "if your kid's life was on the line, who would you bet for."

Sadly, I'd bet on LBJ and the Heat even though I damn near loathe them and love the Bulls.

You can say what you want but you're a little suburban bitch trying to be hard on the internet. I'd go to your neighborhood with my brother's and do whatever the **** I want. You'd come to my hood and be scared to even fart loud *****.

Until the first squad car roll by. lol
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