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Default Videos 6 and 7 of my planned 20 on forgotten teams. __enver nuggets and 80s Mavs.

Started a while back. covered the following teams so far:

Run TMC Warriors who in retrospect are not forgotten but not as well known as id like.
Drexlers Blazers

80s Bucks:

Third most wins of the "golden era" and nobody gives a shit because they didnt make the finals.

Late 80s Sonics:

Mark Price era Cavs:

So far they have all been 80s/early 90s teams...and that will continue this time but not for all 20. I intend to cover at least 2 early 2000s teams and a couple from the 70s. But for now....

The Enver Nuggets of the late 80s/early 90s. So called because they gave up 118, 113, 116, 113, and 131 ppg over 5 years. Last of those years they gave up 162ppg in the preseason. Yes...162....with the worst defensive effort in pro basketball history....

In the 1990 preseason the Nuggets allowed the Hawks to hundred...and ninety four...points.


In regulation. Gave up 112 in the second half.

And followed it up by giving up 186 to the Suns!

One game they gave up 173 to the Celtics in that preseason. Larry Bird...this is 1990 Larry Bird...past his prime....had 12 points, 19 rebounds, and 12 assists in 19 minutes. And they played them again in 5 days..Bird had 21/15/13 in one half.

They gave up 154 points per game over their first 7 in the regular season including 160+ 3 times with a high of 173.

Now this footage is far from good but I had so many requests on them I had to put something together. And instead of a gang of passable quality old CBS slow motions clips of dunks I wanted to show how they actually played. If you are looking for special effects and brooding movie soundtracks ive never been who you go to. Just...about the basketball.


Covers roughly 87 to 92. See a tad of Alex English but he wasnt as featured in the offenses I mean to show as he was in his prime. A prime which will be covered later this week on a video on the Nuggets with him, Kiki, Dan Issel, and a bit of David Thompson and Bobby Jones. This isnt on the good Nugget teams. Just one I find interesting.

Notice their coach and how in practice they actually work on fast breaks and quick strike plays. The secondary break and shooters trailing. Its one aspect of that team I can respect. You dont need to not play defense to have a well coached transition offense.

Enver in all its pixelated glory. Kinda mad I couldnt find a clip of Michael Adams double behind the back passes....he did it all the time on the Bullets and a bit on the Nuggets too. Im sure someone will turn one up. Its nice...even though it was often a travel.

Next....the 80s Mavs...or as im gonna call them...the 80s Thunder if Ibaka starts using coke, Durant turns into an asshole, and they suffer injury for 4-5 years.

Aguirre as you will see was something like a beast in the paint. I never just repped him...but he could score. Huge hands...great fakes...body control. He would be even better today I believe with all the phantom calls.

Rolando Blackman who ill call their Harden even though he started. Had some great years. Played hard. shot like 55% at one point. Clutch. Could create his own shot...pass...handle the ball.

Derek Harper...somewhere between Rondo and Deron Williams while not as good as either. We once had a topic on if he would be a better franchise player than Allen Iverson. I found that funny....but he was solid. Defense...passing...could shoot and attack.

Added to that...Sam Perkins, Roy Tarpley in all his coked up fury, and young Detlef.

Talent out the ass. Sam and Roy would probably both be all stars in this league where Roy Hibbert makes it for 13/9. Roy was putting up 14/12 and 17/13 not even starting the whole time in a couple seasons. He put up 18/13 over a 17 game playoff run when they took the Showtime Lakers to 7 games the year they won Magics 5th ring.

They had somewhere in the area of 5 all star quality players today(though I doubt Harper ever makes it). There were talks of them taking the place of the Lakers/Celtics.

Won like 55-56 games one year. Gave the Lakers a run in another. But it fell apart. Watch close Thunder title is won till you win it:

Luckily for them Kevin Durant doesnt seem to be generally disliked and no key players are strung out on anything.

Id like to see some teams today put in some of the Nuggets open court offense and maybe settle into halfcourt games when it doesnt work. Too many teams walk it up for no reason. love to see them in todays league. They were built to prosper in this no centers and no touching the guards league. Derek Harper would foul out in 20 minutes if he played his Knicks defense though.

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