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Default Re: 2012-13 regular season!

Originally Posted by El Kabong
Don't see the point in keeping Jefferson. Surely it's better to get some assets for him, rather than let him go for nothing at seasons end.

It's been the Jazz's MO for a long time. They didn't trade Boozer even though Millsap had already shown what he could do as the starter unlike Favors and Kanter. Remains to be seen if things change with the new GM? I'm not sure that there's that many deals out there for him? Does it help them now and/or in the future? I think they will be a better team without him but not sure they do. A sign and trade will be possible but not as easy with the new CBA. They do get cap space so it's not nothing.

I'm guessing they want to keep Millap or Jefferson preferably Millsap but if one of them gets a ridiculous offer and they've traded the other than they have neither. Same thing Lakers and Clipps are thinking with Gasol and Bledsoe.
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