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Default Re: Keith Smart has to be fired!!!

Originally Posted by andremiller07
Other than DMC who has you seen has a bad attitude? I agree about the low IQ but the guy is very a bad coach I'm not saying we would be world beaters with a good coach but man its hard when the coach has a lower IQ than most the players.
Maybe not bad attitude as "I'm going to complain all the time" but bad attitude as "I'm going to get my numbers and that's more important than team success".

They just don't look like a team. It's not like they don't have any talent because they do. It's just that they are using that talent to play for themselves,not for the team.

You can have one or two selfish guys on the team because they will make that up in talent. But if almost no one on the team doesn't care about playing team ball then you have a serious problem.

I would keep Cousins and trade almost everyone for some players who can compliment him well and who know how to play team ball.
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