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Default Keith Smart has to be fired!!!

Keith Smart seems like a really nice guy (he actually is) and says all the right things and has been put in a tough position with a roster with limited talent. I don't like it when people loss there jobs but hes been paid well for doing a pathetic job at best.

Its pretty clear no one is buying into what hes doing for various reasons the first and most obvious one is that whatever hes doing its not working.

a). Hes lost the players completely, the defense is pathetic (his strong suit) the offensive structure is below that of a good high-school team, we have two plays iso Evans and iso Cousins (at the top of the key not in the post) and the least player movement of the ball I have ever seen in my life. He managed to make a decent rebounding team into one of the worse in the NBA.

b). His rotations, hes came out and said after the midway point of the season that he was trying to make "everyone happy" with the rotations, nice guy right? But the problem with that is hes not giving our "good players" enough time (Tyreke in particular), hes consistantly using 11-13 man rotations including the likes of Travis Outlaw and honestly thats just not going to get it done. There is not another coach in the L that uses so many players in particular useless ones if he had any sense he would do what Portland does and thats run your starters into the ground and use 1-2 bench players.

c). The use of players and who is on the court playing together is just pathetic as well. The team badly needs for ethier Evans or Cousins to be out on the floor AT ALL TIMES instead he subs both off for extended periods which normally results in us going from leading or being close to getting humiliated in a matter of mins. Jimmer is NOT a PG and he needs Evans or Cousins out there to create for him and take pressure of same goes for Thornton. Every game the Kings start of super in the first court than he subs ALL 5 starters and subs in 5 bench guys and we loss all momentum and never regain it.

This is a guy who last off-season told DMC to practice his 3-point shot

There is zero chemistry or desire the NYK were up by 50 on us today, Denver raped us to the point of no return and Boston had a picnic those types of losses are just embarrasing.

I understand the organisation is going through tough periods but they have to look somewhat to the future (incase they keep the team) and two things have to happend, the coach has to go there's no doubt and trades have to be made.
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