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Default Re: Irving Outduels Westbrick In the Clutch

Originally Posted by imdaman99
Yes he scored on him. But somehow westbrook is supposed to go through screens as if he is 7' and 300 lbs? He did not score 35 on him. I know you watched the game, so I am not gonna ask you if you watched the game. But did you watch the game?

I just posted the video, watch it again, Westbrook doesn't even TRY to get around the screens

Kyrie has no other options of course they are gonna set him a pick...They already double and triple team him as it is what do you expect him to do? They can set Westbrook screens too on the other side you know? It's called running an offense. Fight through the screens instead of just standing there. OKC could have set a screen too since its such a hard strategy maybe Westbrook would have scored the last 13 points for his team without missing a FG.
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