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Default Some thoughts on Rudy Gay now being gone

I've read all the reviews of the trade that say Gay isn't worth the money he makes ($53.5 million the next three seasons, including a $19.3 player option in 2014-15), and that the Grizzlies will be a better team with Prince, who's a better defender and 3-point shooter who can space the floor, although he will be 33 at the end of this month. I understand that the Grizzlies had their best playoff run two seasons ago when Gay was injured and that most people think that, as constituted, they had no chance to break into the elite NBA ranks with Oklahoma City, San Antonio and Miami.

But what I also know is that Gay was the Grizzlies' leading scorer this season (17.9 points per game) and the franchise leader in games played (479), minutes (17,338) and steals. He has given the Memphis fans plenty of thrills since being obtained from Houston in the summer of 2006, after the Rockets made him the No. 8 pick in the draft.

-- Cleveland Plain Dealer
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