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Default Re: Scottie Pippen: Underrated/Overrated?

Originally Posted by DatAsh
Maybe David Robinson? Robinson was putting up 30/11/5 on 51% while also playing better defense than Pippen. David Robinson was a beast in that two year span.

I think Pippen had a great claim to the MVP and DPOTY in 1994. I think he was the DPOTY in 1995. He was a better player, overall, in 1994. And Robinson was a better overall player in 1995 than he was in 1994. But I'd take Pippen's 93/94 season ahead of any of those 4 seasons. In the playoffs, Robinson didn't do anything to separate himself. He was incredible, and I even lean towards him being the better of the two over that span, but I'm not sure...and Robinson was one of my absolute favorite players of all-time.

Also, Pippen had a better defensive season than Robinson did, in either of those seasons.
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