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Default Re: Scottie Pippen: Underrated/Overrated?

Originally Posted by hitmanyr2k
Eh, the Bulls aren't even in the Finals without Pippen's play. With the Bulls down 0-2 in the ECF and the Knicks looking for the knockout punch in Game 3 Jordan didn't exactly have a stellar shooting game but his team picked it up...Pippen in particular. Same goes for the closeout Game 6 against the Knicks where Jordan couldn't hit the broad side of a barn while Pippen was hitting the daggers down the stretch to send the Knicks home. That's why you have two stars on the team. One to pick up the slack when the other is struggling.

Facts about 1993 ECF btw Knicks vs Bulls:

Fact # 1: severely sprain right wrist (shooting hand) of GOAT had 54 pts in leveling the series 2-2.

Fact # 2: still sprain right wrist (shooting hand) of GOAT had 30 pts triple double (29 pts to be exact), his career's most imp triple double that gave bulls 3-2 lead ON THE ROAD !!

Funny thing about "dumb revisionists" is If Pippen performs even slightly better than his usual "above average" self, he is considered the one who won the series.


Despite MJ severely spraining his RIGHT shooting hand Wrist in previous CAVS series in ECSF, he is expected to SHOOT like GOAT & his 54 pts performance, his career's best TRIPLE DOUBLE are all overlooked.

Just to show how much these 'retarded revisionist' want Pippen to NOT look like MJ's eternal sidekick & look more like ALL-TIME GREAT

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