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Default Re: Scottie Pippen: Underrated/Overrated?

Originally Posted by Smoke117
The problem with these arguments is that we don't really know how good Pippen could have been scoring wise because he was never in a system that was geared to his strengths as a scorer. He's probably one of the five greatest open court players ever, but the triangle offense was a half court offense. It's why I've said that if put him on those Blazer teams with Drexler he would have scored a lot more and his assist would have been much higher as really, he's a natural PG like whoah said.

He had an unselfish nature though and was a natural PG...the only real natural PG of that size since Magic. If he was given to keys to dominant the ball as a true PG his great play making and natural inclination to get others involved would have made his assist sky rocket passed what they were in his his career in the triangle offense.

You don't really need to see players in a certain system to assess how great of a scorer or passer they were. There stats might be different, but its not hard to assess.

Pippen's PG abilities are so grossly overrated around here. People make it seem like he would be Chris Paul or Steve Nash or something along those lines.
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