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Default Re: Scottie Pippen: Underrated/Overrated?

Originally Posted by bizil
Some of u Pip fans are so sensitive! Many of us NEVER said Pip couldn't be the best player on a title team. But at the same time Pip simply wasn't as dominant taking a game by the throat scoring the rock as many other legendary SF's or swingmen. If you look at the most people's top 10-15 GOAT SF's, Pip is the only one NOT LEGENDARY for dominant scoring:

Dr. J
Melo (soon to be on the list somewhere)
Durant (soon to be on the list somewhere)

There are FACTS not opinions. Pip CAN lead a team to an NBA title, but I feel it would have to be a team like the early 2000s Pistons or the late 90's-2000s Blazer teams that an out of prime Pip was on. Pippen's versatility while being a very good scorer could get the job done. It's just that in most cases give me a Durant or Bernard King over a Pippen. It's like saying Sidney Moncrief is a better player than George Gervin because Moncrief was a better all around player. Which ain't true and MOST people know Gervin was a better player than Moncrief because Iceman was MORE DOMINANT! At one time, Iceman was regarded as the 2nd GOAT SG behind West. And that's over many SG's who were better "all around players".

The problem with these arguments is that we don't really know how good Pippen could have been scoring wise because he was never in a system that was geared to his strengths as a scorer. He's probably one of the five greatest open court players ever, but the triangle offense was a half court offense. It's why I've said that if put him on those Blazer teams with Drexler he would have scored a lot more and his assist would have been much higher as really, he's a natural PG like whoah said.

Still though what he did in 94 and 95 is impressive because he was good enough to be an efficient first option in an offense that wasn't geared to his game as a scorer at all. That is why his scoring didn't really go up very high in 94 and 95 even though Jordan was gone. It was more the fact that he played in the triangle offense then anything else as to why he didn't score more points. The difference between him and those list of sf's is they played in offensive systems that were geared to their strengths as scorers and getting them in their sweet spots.

He had an unselfish nature though and was a natural PG...the only real natural PG of that size since Magic. If he was given to keys to dominant the ball as a true PG his great play making and natural inclination to get others involved would have made his assist sky rocket passed what they were in his his career in the triangle offense.
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