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Originally Posted by Euroleague
You are counting tournaments. That's not how long someone played in the national team. You get onto the A national team and you stay there.

That's how long you are on it.

The Team USA players have been on it since 2004 or 2006. The ONLY time they were not was 2010.

You are just being an asshole, as usual.

So you count from the first time a player plays to the last time? So Odom, who only played twice (2004 and 2010) has been on team USA for 6 years? Jason Kidd, who did not play a tournament from 2003-2008, was on the team for 9 years? USA is different. It's not like Greece which has such a small pool to choose from that they basically use the same players every tournament. If you count every player who played on Team USA from 2004 until now you would have a pool of around 40 players.

A good example is 2010. The World Championships that Euroleague players care so much more about than the Olympics. Every single player on Team USA, which went undefeated in that tournament, was different from the Team USA that went undefeated in the last tournament (2008 Olympics). In fact only three players on that team (Chandler, Billups and Odom) had ever played in a FIBA tournament before and all of them played in only one tournament before.

So to imply that the core of Team USA is the same since 2004, when only two players from that team, James and Anthony, have played on USA's last FIBA tournament and only one, Odom, on the one before that, is just a lie.
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