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Default Re: Is Tyson Chandler a bust?

Originally Posted by Bandito

Bust could be someone that didn't pan out due to suckage. I would cosider Olowakandi a bust but it could be argued that he wasn't. It depends on the case, a guy that was chosen as a lottery pick but has average less than 10 minutes on garbage minutes now that is considered a bust. Kwame was severely overrated but he has been a solid role player.

Yes you could say that they were solid role players but to be drafted as high as they were, wouldn't you say that they were a bust or a huge disappointment? If they were drafted say 16-30 then there wouldn't be any hate towards them.

Originally Posted by BlackWhiteGreen
I don't think it's a ridiculous question at all. Is Emeka Okafor a bust? 12/10 career averages, always played on bad teams. If he "gets it" and becomes the defensive anchor on a contender, does that excuse the 9 years of "meh" he's served up so far?

Thank you. Finally someone who gets what I was thinking. Yes Chandler has achieved so much in the past 3 years but do we just forget about the other 9 years of his career where he didn't live up to the expectations of being a number 2 pick? He didnt even average double digit rebounds until his 6th season or double digit points until his 7th season.

Originally Posted by eliteballer
People act like every year the top 5 picks should be franchise players and the top 10 at least all-stars...

Well, that's not reality. There simply isn't that kind of talent to go around. People need to adjust expectations.

He's not a bust. He's arguably the best defensive center in the L and gets you double digit boards. Thats extremely valuable.

You are exactly right. So if a team uses their no. 2 pick on a player who ends up being a role player for the their whole career would you consider them a bust or a disappointment? and btw, Chandler didn't become elite until 3 years ago. How about the 9 years before that? does he get a pass?

Originally Posted by Doranku
If Chandler is a bust, what does that make Beasley?

People are labeling Beasley a bust now if I'm not mistaken. If he continues the way he is now and somehow makes the all star team 5 years from now do we forget all of a sudden he was a bust?

Basically the point of this thread really is when do we call someone a bust and I used Chandler's career as an example. IMO i would have called Chandler a Bust up until 3 years ago and thought that he was a waste of a no. 2 pick. Since he joined the Mavs and anchored their defense he changed my perception of him.
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