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Default Re: Is Tyson Chandler a bust?

Originally Posted by DonDadda59
The man is a champion (was a big factor in DAL winning, look at them since he left and look at NY especially defensively), reigning DPOY, and was just named an all star. He's currently putting up 12 PPG (while leading the league in FG%), 11 RPG, and is the defensive anchor on a high seed playoff squad.

This is a silly thread.

They blew up the whole Mavs team, Terry gone, Kidd gone, DeShawn is gone, Novak is gone, and lots of others. Dirk knee.

You can't blame Dallas collapse because Tyson Chandler left, by no means.

All-Star means zip. Fans vote for who they like, not who plays, look at Yao Ming for simple proof.

I ain't bashing Tyson, he's one of the best centers in the NBA. But none of what you said is valid reasons except for he's tough D anchor on a playoff squad so far this year.
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