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Originally Posted by gabepizza
Wrong? I just showed that Diamantidis was on the team for 7 tournaments. Check any roster of a Greek team in those tournaments and Diamantidis would be on it. I also showed that the players who have played the most for Team USA really ever, James, Anthony and Kidd only played 7 tournaments, try to find a roster from a tournament I did not put to see if they were on it. I don't know why you are talking years. Kidd played in 1999, 2000, 2003, 2007 and 2008. Does that mean he played 9 years.

The facts are you have been caught lying again. Diamantidis has played in 2 more tournaments than the American players who have played the most. No matter how you put it that is the facts.

But keep trying to weasel yourself out of another bold face lie you have been caught writing because that seems like all you are good at.

No you just LIED again and got caught LYING again and continued to LIE more.

Diamantidis 2003-2008 = 5 years + 2010 = 6 years

Team USA core 2004 - current time = 9 years / 2006 - current time = 7 years

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