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Default Re: Is Tyson Chandler a bust?

Originally Posted by Papaya Petee
1x All Star
1x NBA Champ
1x Gold Medal

Granted he accomplished all that, but I don't really want to give him as much credit as I should.

He won DPOY cause Howard was injured and nobody else on that team was that good defensively.

He is an All-Star because Bynum is injured and the East centers BLOW. Doesn't make him All-Star material.

He's an NBA Champ because Dirk Nowitzki went ape shit and LeBron James chocked.

And he was probably the worst player on that Gold Medal team, once again made the team because of Dwight Howards injury.
Some of your points are valid. But I think he was what put the Mavericks over the top. They turned into a great defensive team once he got there. Dirk has gone nuts before, but he always fell short. Look at how flat they looked once he left. The Mavericks got swept. Dirk didn't look so good. He was a BIG reason why the Mavericks won it all. Kidd was there earlier but they still lost in the 1st round the year before. Chandler turned them into a LEGIT playoff team.

So NO he is not an NBA Champ because Dirk went ape shit and Lebron choked.
Dirk is an NBA Champ in large part because Chandler manned the middle.
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