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Default Re: Is Tyson Chandler a bust?

Originally Posted by irondarts
He's not a bust. But everyone ripping OP for asking the question is stupid.

Tyson Chandler was an incredibly disappointing player for the first 9 years of his career. He's completely turned his career around in the last 3 years, which is awesome. But he was awful during his year with the Bobcats, and his career could have gone either way, luckily he went to the Mavs and he has turned into an all star. But let's not act like he wasn't a complete disappointment for 9 of his 12 years in his career.

Nah, if he went to Detroit in his second year he would have had his accolades much sooner and his leadership qualities in place. Luck is how you look at it. In New Orleans he was first seen as being a key player. He was always known as a top defensive player. He was always a top five defensive center after his 5th year. He was unlucky in that no ream really used him right in pick n roles or knew how he could anchor a defense. Dallas got a championship out of the deal and in no way do they do it without him.

Even in hindsight he would still be a second pick in most cases and probably the first in a lot of cases - that kind of ruins the argument overall. Now if you did it by his first nine years - I would have picked Joe Johnson, Parker and Gasol if I was an offense oriented team. But you can't say TMac was a bust after his ninth year. You talk about the whole package or you don't talk about him. Tyson is the only guy in that draft that could change the whole persona of a team and be any type of anchor.
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