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Default Re: GT: Kings (17-29) @ Celtics (21-23) 30/1/2013

Originally Posted by andremiller07
More like 25/42 but i get your point, yeah but for me Thornton has just been the biggest waste this season, if the real Thornton showed up all year we would have won about 4-5 more games at least. But yeah the coach just doesn't get it, that offense he runs is a joke, zero movement with Reke, Cousins and Thornton holding the ball waiting for someone to move and no one does so they have to go 1 on 1 into a tough shot 90% of the time. I don't get why they don't go with a starting line up of Reke @ PG, JT/T-Rob, Thornton will defend PG's and probably Garcia even as shit as he is just for floor spacing.

Yes pretty sad when I am wishing to too Garcia out there more and I have never liked him. Team just isn't very smart (ironic with Coach Smart). The BB IQ of DMC, Tyreke, JT, and T-Rob are all VERY low and getting no where fast. I don't know how many times per game I see Tyreke or DMC running down the floor and you can see from a mile away they are going to charge into someone. Or how many really BAD passes per game this team makes. Or mistakes on the D end of the floor because everyone is trying to chase the guy with the ball like a bunch of 8 year olds and leaving shooters wide open.
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