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Default Re: GT: Kings (17-29) @ Celtics (21-23) 30/1/2013

Originally Posted by andremiller07
12/16 ain't bad but yeah hes seems to have quit last 4, on the plus Tyreke is coming back to near his best and T-Rob looks like he will be starting ethier this year or start of next over Thompson. Your boy Thornton just doesn't look himself all year.

12 out of 47 IS bad though. I am just over DMC. He thinks he's the greatest and can just talk down his own guys. Terrible attitude and so weak out there. I can't remember a guy as big as he is playing so soft. I think he had like 2 points in the paint last night playing Center. Thorton has been terrible and doesn't look like he even wants to play. I don't think Coach Smart has helped any of his guys with the random rotation and everyone is starting to see it. 13 guys got to play last night. Consistently he plays about 11 guys (although not usually the same ones every game). Not sure why his "best" guys (DMC and Tyreke) only play 30 minutes per night. Jimmer plays every 3rd game. Outlaw usually only comes in when they are losing in the 3rd quarter. Brooks plays in 5 game stretches.
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