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Default Re: This is how Kobe gets to work everyday...

Originally Posted by And 1
And what feeds the leeches more than anything else? Blood. Your rage. Your attention. You ain't getting rid of them, so enjoy the dang sport instead.

If you hate Kobe, hate the shit out of him. Just don't waste time and effort on stans. You can't convince an idiot anything.

Nice intuitive comeback.

But I disagree. A stan is the most insecure wetkneck on the face of the planet; if you talk crap about their *gawd* they actually feel it in the bottom of their gut because they are too sensitive to deal with emotions in real life.

In fact, talking crap about the Lakers will hurt them more than if you were to have nekkid pictures of their wives sexually molesting their newborn child in a manner only Jeffrey Dahmer would be proud of.

Pain changes people. These guys are riped for the picking. It's summer time for a team like, for example, the Lakers. You see, this team might self-implode and miss the playoffs; they all know in their guts it might happen so they put this macho front acting like a bigger d*ck than they normally are but really in the back of their minds they have this "what if" in their heads.

It's sad because no matter how confident they might seem to be they are nothing more than a child inside.

Keep on poking that inner child, trust me, they are emotionally distressed over this. Fact.
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