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Default Re: Scottie Pippen: Underrated/Overrated?

Originally Posted by Smoke117
I wasn't going to post anything in this thread as we've all argued this whole thing to death and it's just boring, but Drexler and Pippen were actually really similar as far as scorers. The Main difference is that Drexler played in those high paced up tempo Blazer offense's and Pippen played in the slow, half court, triangle offense. He could have scored just as much as Drexler if he you replaced him on those Blazer teams running and gunning as he was at his best in the open court as a scorer. That's putting aside the fact that Pippen was vastly superior defensively too. I've always said that I found the whole Jordan vs Drexler hype in the 92 finals was silly as the two best players were on the Bulls. Pippen was better than Drexler.
Its funny. Pippen dominated Drexler in that fourth quarter of game six in 92. And the Blazers had that 15 pt lead going in. And yet they still refuse to get their head oit of the sand
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