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Default Re: Scottie Pippen: Underrated/Overrated?

You wanna talk about context Whoah? This is a response from OSB when I asked him who hed take between Pippen and Mchale

They're about equal in terms of impact. Different, but roughly equal. McHale brought insane scoring and efficiency in the post and good man defense and great team defense and shotblocking.

Now heres context both were put in similar situations. Mchale and the Celtics lost Bird 6 games into the season in 89. They replaced Bird with Reggie Lewis. Who was a damn good forward. The Celtics struggled to stay above .500 in an expansion year which netted them an extra 8 wins at the hands of those expansion teams. Then got their ass handed to them by them in the first round. Mchale had his normal stats. Had a sevicable replacement for Bird, had most of his championship team, in an expansion year.

Basically, alll the things Ive seen him hold against Pippen hes excused Mchale on. And Mchale was in a much better situation to succeed.
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