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Default Re: This is how Kobe gets to work everyday...

Originally Posted by SyRyanYang
I thought you only hate Kobe
But I guess haters don't have a life after all
I used to hate Howard's game but now he's on my team, I cheer for him. That's called being supportive.

I'm a purist. I hate whoever does not play the game with purity. I have no allegiance to no team or player. If you play the game right, then I will support you, but if you play it to showboat and make the highlights, then I don't see anything special about you.

You see, I don't just watch 10 second top ten clips of the game; I watch entire full games of basketball stretching back to even some full ones in the 60s.

I think you guys are posers and it is a travesty there are so many of you around, like f*ckin leeches just sucking the life out of the sport.
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