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Default Re: This is how Kobe gets to work everyday...

Originally Posted by SyRyanYang
I hate Kobe more than anyone else when he makes stupid decisions. That's becasue I'm a die-hard Lakers fan.
I can't really understand why you share the feeling with me.

Maybe because you have that ugly a*s yellow and purple as your avatar with that goofie laugh from the savior that hasn't done sh*t kind of made me like, who knows, *think* you're a Laker fan.

I mean sh*t how much more revealing than that.

Ya you might hate him for doing sloppy sh*t but once he makes an impossible shot out of a hundred tries, you would still say, "OH MY GAWD IMMA CUMMMMMMMM!!!!! and then act like all the missed shots don't even matter. I know how you guys operate. Tsk Tsk.

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