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Default Re: This is how Kobe gets to work everyday...

Originally Posted by SyRyanYang
Exactly. Loser mentality

See. This is exactly what I meant; you guys are so f*ckin stupid you can't even see a logical causative factor when it is blatantly in front of your eyes. Talking to you guys is like talking to a brick wall. Kobe's got his d*ck so far up your a*ses you are snorting out cummmmm shots.

Us haters (well most of us anyway) were right all along: when Kobe decides to pass the f*ckin ball more instead of being such a selfish d*ckwad and chuck up impossible shots, then maybe we wouldn't hate on his game so much. Last I check, the NBA also has 9 other players on the court. It is like you guys aren't even watching basketball for the love of it; you guys are prob watching it to get your d*ck hard once Kobe makes a corner fade away 3 pointer because you are too impotent to have sex with your ugly wife.

Guess what Kobe wh*res. We were f*ckin right all along: if Kobe played less selfish and be more of a team player/leader, the Lakers would be better off.

Now they are playing the best basketball of the whole season simply because Kobe manned up and stopped being such a narcissistic child.

Your obsession has made you blinded by the truth. We were right. Period.

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