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Default Re: Now that Kobe has decided to be a facilitator, is he better at it than Lebron James?

Originally Posted by andgar923
Let me put some shit in context.

Kobe goes into 'pass mode' in which he specifically goes out of his way to pass.
Bron just plays 'naturally', which means he just plays. No intention on having 13 assist, he just gets them without really trying hard. If he decided to get into 'pass mode' then he'd average 12 in a season. But his game is to do bit of everything naturally, not forced.

LMAO at this.. I think youre describing Lebron here. The guy who constantly thinks of his FG% or the one who would facilitate once his assists numbers are not yet on the average. Jordan or kobe never cared about stats thats why they won a combined 11 rings while oscar/lebron has only 2. LOL Once jordan played off the ball, he started winning. This is a team game and players like lebron are cancerous to a team just like the score first pgs like AI/Rose/Arenas/oscar. Thats why despite the stats, lebron never produced off rtgs as good as jordan/magic while durant in his 6th yr already reached prime jordan.
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