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Default Re: The Return of Amar'e Stoudemire

Originally Posted by Y2Gezee
Wow, a whole month of proof, and you still think Kidd should start at pg? It wears him down.

Anyways Amare has to come off the bench at least now, because who would be the backup 4 or 5? Novak/ Kurt Thomas?

And when Melo is out, the ability of Amare to be featured and allow them to work from the inside out to their 3pt shooters is great. They still finish games together

I get all that, but I still would rather see it that way. I like Iman as the starting 2. He can do a lot of what Felton does, getting to the rim and breaking down the defense. He still isn't a good shooter tho.

In the end, maybe it's not great, but I don't want Shump at the 3, I don't want him off the bench, I don't see the real value in Amare off the bench. Maybe it works for the season, but I don't believe that.

I could accept Shump playing off the bench tho and Smith starting...not that I want to see it like that, but I can handle that. Smith could work in the starting lineup, and he works well with Kidd.

Originally Posted by el gringos
Spacing for the Carmelo/chandler/amare front court is overrated- if you want a Carmelo not shooting free throws and shooting from 3 all the time.

It shouldn't be about asking your best player to adjust his game to those around him. It should be building around your best players strengths. Carmelo's strengths are that he is the best post up 3 of all time and a guy you want in the post and midrange game

That's fine...but while Amare is here, we should max him. What's overrated is the idea they can't play together. It may not even be ideal, but it's optimal, given our options.
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