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Default Re: Clippers @ T'Wolves NOW

Originally Posted by G-train
I didn't watch the Clippers much that season so I can't comment.

But I do know that Clippers fans hate the Timberwolves so I shouldn't try to educate them in the matters of Pek.

Wolves are far from the teams that I "hate". They have two guys who I wanted quite badly on the Clippers (Shved & Lee), another who I wouldn't have minded (AK) and a UCLA alumn.

I know plenty about Pek, and that plenty leads me to believe he is NOT a great center. We are weak in that position right now, and while he may be a good one, that does NOT make him great. I'll take a healthy Bogut and Bynum over him. Throw in Marc, Noah and Dwight, plus guys like Jefferson, Duncan, Garnett and Pau, who many consider to be 4s playing the 5, and I don't see it.

And that year, Kaman probably had the biggest repertoire out of any big men when it came to offense. Could score with both hands, could back you up and score, could put up fade aways, had a little running hook, shoot from 15 feet, put it on the floor, etc. Wasn't a good defender but was solid and averaged 2.8 blocks.

Yet, no one dared to call him great.
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