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Default Re: Lebron watch against Brooklyn

Originally Posted by jimmy77x
Why is it that everyone is a " longtime heat fan" when someone calls them out but you " heat fans" were near non existant before 2010 but whatever dude I tried to defend imdaman99 but the trolls feel they need to trash to knicks to make themselves feel better, to each his own whatever.
dude, this is just a forum. tomorrow, these guys just have to go back to their shitty lives

aint no thing man. i just dont accept phonies. like a pacers or celtics or bulls fan that loves lebron. supposedly the pacers fan can own me because the team he roots for has 10 more playoff wins i think that makes him feel better. im a NY Giants fan, i can separate sports from the rest of the shit that matters. good to talk to fellow true knick fan though
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