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Default Re: So where is Rodney Stuckey getting traded to?

Originally Posted by Whoah10115
Josh Smith is a great player and would be on a team where the best players are all on rookie contracts. He wouldn't hurt the team or their capspace.

He's also a PF, so not good. But Tyreke Evans is actually a very good pickup. To play with a shooter like Knight, who doesn't dominate the ball for a point? Might be ideal.

Smith plays PF now, but he could also play SF. If he was signed to the contract he wants, he's going to hurt any teams cap space. Who wants to pay him 15 million (minimum) for the next 5 years? That's not going to win anybody championships. There's only a handful of people in the league that deserve a max contract in my opinion. Those are the few guys that can lead a team to a championship (Kobe, Durant, Lebron, etc). Smith is not that kind of player. He's very good, but not great.

Evans is often injuried. He can score, but doesn't really have a complete game. He might fit well next to Knight, since they could at least match up with opposing teams defensively. He's probably not going to be worth what his market price gets driven up to. It could be a BG signing all over again. At 8 million per season, I'd be fine with him. I have a feeling he'll be getting more. Look at the FA market. It's not that deep. Outside of CP3 and Howard (who will highly likely re-sign) there's Smith and then a bunch of guys who will probably get too much money. I just hope teams don't get into a bidding war with themselves because they have cap space. Hopefully the new rules of the CBA make teams smarter this time.
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