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Default Re: So where is Rodney Stuckey getting traded to?

Originally Posted by dd24
That and we have a bunch of cap space. I feel like another trade is going to happen. Maybe not before the deadline. It could be in the offseason. There's just not great FA's, so having this cap space scares me.... I don't want Joe D throwing a ton of money at a couple of guys who don't deserve it again. I could totally see him over paying a Josh Smith (who is definitely not a max contract player) or giving Tyreke 10+ million (which wouldn't be good).

Josh Smith is a great player and would be on a team where the best players are all on rookie contracts. He wouldn't hurt the team or their capspace.

He's also a PF, so not good. But Tyreke Evans is actually a very good pickup. To play with a shooter like Knight, who doesn't dominate the ball for a point? Might be ideal.
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